20 questions with Peter Hernandez.

Peter wrapping my hands to protect them while boxing.

Peter wrapping my hands to protect them while boxing.

Boxing is one of those fitness trends that’s never completely fading out of sight, but never taking the world by storm. But, that is starting to change. Boxing facilities, until recently had the reputation of being the gritty, hard-nosed atmosphere. They are now popping up more frequently and are creating environments that are welcoming for just about anyone.


I recently started boxing with my private boxing coach: Peter Hernandez at Hernandez Gym in Dallas. Peter created an at-home gym for he and his clients. But it’s not just an ordinary treadmill and a few free weights type of home gym. It’s got everything you need to work up a great sweat. Boxing is one of the most effective, concise ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health, and it’s a lot of fun too.


I’m horrible and learning slowly – but somehow, I’m still obsessed and love the rush I get every time I box with Peter. He’s patient and he’s really kind – he doesn’t laugh (too often) at my clumsiness and slow reflexes. Haha.


So, I asked Peter to let me feature him on my blog and answer some questions about himself and boxing/working out.



1.) Can you describe your background and how you got to where you are today?

My name is Peter, I’m Hispanic, born in Texas but raised in the south side of Chicago.  I grew up in a rough, low income neighborhood with 2 working parents and quickly got into trouble hanging out with the wrong crew.  It wasn’t until I started modeling at 19 when I finally found a reason to turn my life around.  Modeling and acting gave me a purpose and positive direction.  


2.) Describe what sweating and moving your body means to you.

Sweating and move to me is LIFE, and suitable for all ages!!  It’s free and the most liberating feeling.  And I’m blessed to be able to do both.  


3.) What made you decide to become boxer?

I started boxing out of boredom.  Modeling requires you to be in great shape and I was burnt out on weightlifting and treadmill work....blah. So, I needed a change and randomly walked past a boxing gym.  I signed up and was hooked for life. I grew up wrestling and doing karate so it was already in my DNA.  


4.) Why Boxing? 

I choose boxing because it is a workout that challenges both the mind and body. You train to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable positions!


5.) Who or what inspires you?

My kids inspire me to be a better person every day and my wife inspires me in the way she kicks ass in work and at home, she’s amazing.


6.)  What is your personal anthem?

I love music but I don’t have just one anthem.  I would say it depends on my mood at the moment. 


7.)  When you were child - what did you want to be when you grew up?

This one is easy, I grew up in Chicago in the 80’s/90’s...Michael Jordan, I wanted to be in the NBA like Mike!


8.)  What is your top bucket list item?  

Wow, that’s tough. I don’t really have a bucket list but will go with the pyramids.  I would love to see any of ‘em, Egyptians or Mayans. 


9.)  What’s the first thing you do each morning?

Check on my kids, if they haven’t woken me up. I don’t do anything for myself until I get them fed and ready for the day. 


10.)  What’s in your gym bag? Or go to for sweating?

My gym bag changes depending on what kind of training I do but you will always find my: Bose wireless headphones, trigger point foam roller, lacrosse ball, a shoe that is only for that gym nothing I’ve worn outside, gum and a water bottle and a jump rope!!



11.)  Favorite move/exercise in the gym?

Burpees. They suck, hurt but work so well to get you to exhaustion!


12.)  Describe your private sessions and how they stand apart from other private coaches.

My style is movement-based strength training combined with old school traditional boxing.  I start with basics and fundamentals combined with the needs and wants of my client to provide custom workouts that progress each and every week.  And I think my passion is what sets me apart.  I love showing someone how strong they really are when they couldn’t see through all the doubt.  Helping them see that “YES” you can do it!!   Those type of things are why I LOVE training both adults and kids.


13.)  What would you tell someone nervous to begin boxing?

Everyone has to start somewhere.  Just relax, we will get it together.  I promise I won’t hit you.


14.)  Favorite artist to pump you up during a typical training session?



15.)  What’s your guilty pleasure?



16.)  When you’re not sweating at Hernandez Gym - what do you enjoy the most?

Playing with my kids, which ends up being another workout.


17.)  Go-to healthy snack?

Orgain Organic plant-based protein drink Vanilla, it’s the best


18.)  Favorite cocktail?

Tequila. I don’t do mixed drinks. I rather eat those extra calories.


19.)  Describe yourself in one emoji.



20.)  What’s next for you?

I don’t know, and that’s what I love the most.  Both my jobs as a trainer and model, you never know what’s going to happen.  My office changes all the time, I train clients at my gym, their houses, outside/football field.  I do know that whatever is next, it will involve burpees and ton of jiu jitsu crunches.



You can follow Peter on Instagram @pistolas321 for more information.

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