Get in the Zone. Stretch Zone.


Ahhh. Who doesn’t love having someone else do the work for you, every now and again?

You relax on a comfortable table, while they do all the work. Best Part? You get the benefits.


At Stretch Zone you’ll experience their practitioner-assisted 30 minute stretch sessions for yourself and immediately - while still on the table - start to feel better and lighter with every stretch.


I recently tried Stretch Zone in Dallas at Preston Road for the first time and fell in love at first stretch. The staff was incredibly welcoming and warm! They walked me through the process and explained the different zones of stretching they do and asked me if there were any tight or problem areas on my body.


We then went over to a comfy table where I was stretched and loosened up for 30 incredible minutes. Stretch Zone practitioners work with the stretch reflex and principles of neuromuscular behavior. Utilizing their patented equipment (a strapping system to help control and manipulate the body), their stretch practitioners follow specific methods and protocols to properly position, stabilize, isolate and manipulate muscles in a scientific way. The great benefit of Stretch Zone’s practitioner assisted stretching is the ability to control and alter the timing of and even overcome the stretch reflex.

The different Zones in which the Stretch Zone practitioners will stretch you.

The different Zones in which the Stretch Zone practitioners will stretch you.


With just one session I was able to feel lighter, increase range of motion, relieve my stiffness and soreness throughout my body and, overall feel better.


You can go as many as two to three times a week as needed to relieve any issues you may have or maintain as you wish.


Pro-athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB use Stretch Zone for all their stretching needs – so, why not feel like a profesh athlete and do the same? Who knows – maybe you’ll even run into one while you’re getting stretched.


There’s 58 locations across the U.S. – so make sure to check for one near you and get to stretching!

Ashley Conneely