Kora Fitness


Hi y’all! I wanted to chat with you about an activewear line I’m loving right now. Kora Fitness. Honestly, when I first received my activewear from them, I was a little skeptical - there’s not a lot of design to them and it was a brand I really hadn’t heard of. But, when I pulled them out of the box and tried them on I fell in love instantly. They’re so soft and comfortable - making them easy to move and sweat in. They have a light compression feel to them, which is great when moving and working up a nice sweat. And, best part it’s for women and men.

But, what I love even more than the actual clothing is their mission. Their mission is to impact all those who use their product, but also all those who are impacted by the charitable donation that is made with each purchase. On each product there are four dots. The four dots are a reminder of each charity they give back to.

What’s better than being the best athlete you can be in the most comfortable activewear and by giving back to charity? So, when I got the opportunity to become an Ambassador for Kora fitness, I was excited to jump on board! Use code: AshleyConneely15 at checkout for 15% off and choose a charity you wish to donate to on your behalf!

Ashley Conneely