Ride Rock Party! The Ride House


The Ride House – if you have been following me over on the gram you already know my obsession for this place I now call “family”. TRH is a boutique indoor cycling & fitness studio in Dallas only where every fitness level is welcome with open arms.


My Ride House family consist of riders of all levels. Some beginners, some in the middle and some advanced. But what I love about them all is we do it together. Crossing that finish line as one. As a team. And as a pack. Dancing on bike, having a total dance party - tapping it back, power v-ing our way through a fun but challenging and sweaty 45-minute class. (Other classes offered for longer or short periods, as well.)


The cycling studio is a stadium-style layout, with LED light show behind a mirror in front of the class, and the most energetic, encouraging and inspiring instructors in the DFW area. Rides include a warm-up, core and arm workout, and a cool-down with a quick stretch.


“The Ride House represents a ‘community’ of clients and employees that truly wsant to help each other.” Parker Williams, owner of The Ride House said. “Cycling is an individual experience in a group fitness setting. I wanted to open TRH because I did not believe that workouts have to be viewed as a punishment. At TRH, I wanted to create an atmosphere that was comfortable to be in and luxurious at the same time. The cycling studio was designed to add to the experience by combining the top of the line bikes with a custom designed lighting element. The team that operates the iconic “Dallas Ball’ at Reunion Tower is the team behind TRH’s light show.”


Parker – who has been riding since 1998 and instructing since 2006 said the first tip he gives new riders is to make it their own journey.  “You are in charge of your bike and your experience. We are your guide and will give you opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and push boundaries and reach for your goals. Every time you are our studio you get stronger and have the opportunity to surprise yourself.” 


If you’re wanting more than just cycling – you’re in luck. Studio B offers TRX, Deep Stretching and core classes.  


THR believes in every person that steps foot in the studio and will challenge you to be the best version of yourself both in and out of the studio. And as Parker always says in his classes: “inhale the confidence, exhale the doubt.” So, if you’re in the DFW area, come clip in with me and let’s get SWEATY together!


(This is not a sponsored post – just a true passion of mine I want to share with as many people as I can!)

With Ride House Instructors: Mark Shipman and Parker Williams.

With Ride House Instructors: Mark Shipman and Parker Williams.

With Ride House Instructor: Karla Noone

With Ride House Instructor: Karla Noone

Ashley Conneely