23 Questions with Karla Noone

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Oh, Karla. What can I say? Oh, that’s right. One of the MOST BAD ASS people on this entire planet! If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet Karla, I’m sorry. If you get the chance TAKE IT. She is one of the most kind, funny, genuine, supportive and loving friends. From the day we met, as riders at The Ride House, until now, she has not let one day go by without me knowing she cares and is truthfully happy for my victories and there for my trials. But, the best part? It’s not just me she does this for. She does it for every single person she meets. Every single one of her riders she instructs. Every Single one of her followers on the gram. (Also, go give her a follow, @ridewithkarla).

So, I just HAD to get with her and annoy her by asking some questions so each of you could know her a little bit better. And, if you're in Dallas or come for a visit - stop by the Ride House any Monday or Thursday at 9:30am and take her fun and exhilarating cycle classes.

And…I’m so excited to annouce: I’ll be joining Karla and the rest of the crew at The Ride House as a sculpting instructor!! Karla and I are teaming up! She’ll teach the cycling part - I got the sculpting! I can not be more thrilled to team up with this badass babe!

Why The Ride House?

If you haven't been to The Ride House before, what you should know is that we are an upscale, low attitude boutique indoor cycling & fitness studio located in the heart of the Park Cities. We specialize in rhythm riding, which means we choreograph our rides to energetic and motivating music to keep you focused, engaged and committed to reaching your fitness goals.

When we say low attitude, we mean it. Anyone who takes a class at The Ride House is already automatically part of our family. Before I became an instructor and was riding as a client, it never felt cliquish or pretentious to me. Everyone is just in the studio to sweat it out and to cheer each other on as we reach our goals together. If we have an attitude, its one that’s positive, powerful, and infectious. That’s what sets the Ride House Fam apart.

Describe what TRH means to you.

It may sound redundant, but TRH is family. My riders range in all fitness levels, but the one common thing we seek together is the achievement of our goals. When we enter the studio together as a pack, we're all seeking something. However different the things we are seeking may be, we do it together with a sense of support and trust in the room that you can actually feel. When a particular rider gets recognition for really going for it, the room isn't silent after that shoutout, it erupts in cheering... and it happens every single time. Its AMAZING.  Some of my riders have been my friends forever and created their own routines at The Ride House when I started teaching. Others, were already clients at The Ride House and then we became friends. They are the main reasons why am so excited to wake up and teach. They make my day so much brighter!

What made you decide to become an instructor at TRH?

Two years after I first clipped in, I decided that my new mission in life was going to be to give to others what The Ride House had given me, which was confidence, empowerment, and self-love. I wanted to pass on the power of believing in yourself.

When you start to believe in yourself, that’s when the magic happens, that’s when CHANGE happens. It starts internally and before you know it, you’re projecting it externally, and you start to see that you’re changing the world around you.

That’s what teaching is all about for me… it’s about paying it forward with optimism, support, and encouragement so that my riders can feel empowered to go seek their own missions and create their own magic.

Who or what inspires you?

People who are courageous. People who take action. Even more so, people who do it with humility and kindness. I am a firm believer that everyone on this planet has a purpose, when I see people find theirs and IGNITE, it makes me extremely happy to see them go for it. It inspires me to stay the course on mine. 

What is your personal anthem?

Shake It Off- Florence and the Machine

When you were child - what did you want to be when you grew up? 

POTUS, not joking. I’ve always had an innate desire to help people, making other people happy is what makes me fundamentally happy. When I was younger, I had decided that I would do this by giving back to the communities that have given so much to me. I had a set plan to run for office, to give people who felt like they weren’t being heard a voice. This mission led me to pursue a career in law where I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County for a couple of years. While I was happy during my time there, life showed me that it had other plans for me and caused me to shift my focus to start my own family. The funny thing about life is that you spend so much time building plans, and in reality, life has other plans for you. Now, I make a living helping others build the best version of themselves through fitness and motivation, and I could not be any happier. 

What is your top bucket list item?  

I don't have a bucket list! I know that sounds weird. I just try to seek maximum happiness every day and I try to remind myself that I am in control of my outlook on a daily basis so that I appreciate even the little things. 

Where did you grow up? 


What’s the first thing you do each morning? 

I take a moment to pray and express gratitude.

What’s in your gym bag? 

Bandier no-show socks (the best because they don't slide off), Cliniquefit Workout 24-Hour Mascara (I even wear it when I don't work out... I'm that obsessed), Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (it smells heavenly and in infused with Guarana to tighten your skin), my Bose SoundSport wireless head earbuds, a notebook to jot down any quick and fleeting ideas for classes, and a Wonder Woman Lego keychain that my sons gave me. It's probably my favorite gift from them ever.

Favorite dance move on the bike? 


Favorite quote? 

"Believe in what you want so deeply, that it has no choice but to materialize.” 

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Describe your classes at TRH and how they stand apart from other classes. 

When I coach my classes, I try to use my training as a former trial attorney to persuade you to believe in yourself. That’s my main focus. I can sit there and tell you everything that you want to hear, but until I can make you close your eyes and say “I believe what she’s saying because I BELIEVE IN MYSELF,” then I haven’t done my job yet. That’s what I strive for. When you leave the studio after my class, I want you to leave confident that you can tackle anything that will be thrown at you that day… maybe even with a smile.  

Describe your typical playlist music at TRH. 

Its a DANCE PARTY, and its always all over the place. I like to play Remixes, Hip Hop, Pop... my playlists always have a Latin song in them because I truly believe that we all have a little spiciness in us that likes to come out.

Throwback Thursday is my fave though... we generally kick it back to the 90's and early 2000's, but every once in a while I can't resist a good Disco remix.  

What would you tell someone nervous to begin cycling at TRH?

That I've been there, that I get it. That I will be there for them every step of the way. I always tell my riders new or experienced, to listen to their bodies. Not every day is going to feel like you're ready to break through fitness barriers, but stay moving, stay focused and always that a little progress each day leads to BIG results. 

Favorite artist? 

I love music too much!! I don't know!! I do want to be J.LO when I grow up though. 

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Birthday Cake, hands down. 

When you’re off the bike - what do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy dynamic, high energy workouts. Boxing is my second favorite workout after cycling, I got a pretty BOMB coach. You may know him, Ashley.  

Go-to healthy snack? 

Fruit. Any kind, but Jumbo Blueberries kill me. Yes, they're a thing,

Favorite cocktail? 

Tequila, Topo Chico, Lime 

Advice for staying fit and healthy as a momma!? 

Move. Every Day. Not just for your appearance, but for your mind, for your health. It doesn't always have to be some epic workout, it can be taking your kids to the park and engaging with them on the playground. But just move. It feels so good even on the days you don't feel like it. Those are the days that count the most.

Describe yourself in one emoji. 

Red Dress Señorita 

What’s next for you? 

If you had told me three years ago when I started my fitness jersey, that'd I'd be doing this, I'd think you were hallucinating. I've done so many different things in life, that I don't know where my next chapter lies, but I like that about life. As long as it fulfills my mission of helping people, I'll feel satisfied. 

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Ashley Conneely