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“Great coach! Always accessible, and reliant. Always greets me with a virtual hug via email & text and real ones via in-person or FaceTime. Gives great advice on nutrition and workouts. Really invested in me, taking time to hear my needs and tailored the program to exactly what I was wanting and needing with my schedule. As a working single mom of two, it’s hard sometimes making time for me, and Ashley helped sketch out a schedule that worked for me and held me accountable each day. There wasn’t a single day I didn’t hear from Ashley making sure I was OK and staying on track.” 

- Luvlynn Mcallister 

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Ashley is everything you need in a Coach. She is challenging, motivational, and inspiring, but the best part about her is that she is also RELATABLE. She has been on her own fitness journey so she knows what the peaks and valleys feel like. She coaches with self-love at the fore front and that’s what makes her programs so effective. Squat now, Wine Later works because it is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.



Oh how do I count the ways Ashley motivates me on a daily! Always positive, always moving, always inspirational. She makes me want to a better version of me! Ash you ROCK!!

- Ashley McPherren 

I’ve known Ashley for a very long time. She has definitely seen my ups and downs when it comes to my health and fitness. She listens and gives me realistic tips to help me stay on track. She is motivating, knowledgeable and dedicated to seeing her clients reach their goals.

- Monika Butler

Ashley not only speaks of living a healthy, balanced life but she lives it! She encourages everyone to sweat daily by exercising, even if it’s just for 20 minutes and she’ll show you easy ways how. She inspires her community to live a healthy lifestyle but to also enjoy life. Eating a piece of chocolate cake shouldn’t ruin your day, it’s all about balance, which is important in her book, and she’s living proof! 

- Marcella M. Generalovich

Of so many fitness accounts on Instagram, honestly I love Ashley’s outlook. She’s all about balance and living your life and making sure you work in your fitness when you can. And for the days where you need a little extra help, she has an accountability service! If you need some extra motivation you should def give her a follow. 

- Rebecca of The Make Up Effect

Ashley is someone who practices what she preaches! Her positive attitude and belief in finding balance show in everything she does. Whether it’s creating workouts that actually make me want to exercise or sending a text just to check in on how I’m doing, Ashley inspires me to be the best version of myself. Her meal plans and workouts are easy to follow yet effective and varied enough to keep me from getting bored. Best of all, Ashley is approachable and real- it’s obvious she’s put in the work to achieve her goals, and she wants everyone she crosses paths with to achieve theirs!

- Mallory Whitten